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  When going on a vacation you want to have fun and create lasting memories. When going to a lodge or safari lodge there should be activities that will keep you busy. If are planning on going on a vacation with your family then you need to go to a place that has fun activities. […]

  South Africa is well known for its different traditions and cultures. There are 11 official languages and there are different people from all parts of the world who have made South Africa their home. There are a lot of people who still live in villages and their lifestyle is completely different from the urban […]

Going on vacation is something that everyone should do every once in a while. Vacations give you the opportunity to relax and to spend some quality time with your partner or family. Safari holiday A safari holiday destination is full of fun and adventure. You get to go on tour and experience beautiful wildlife such as […]

One of the things that people look forward to when they go on a vacation is the food. Food is the key to the soul and food that is cooked with passion makes the food that much better. How people dine is also an important factor and ambiance is key. Dining at night Imagine unwinding […]

A giraffe is an unbelievably tall, African mammal. A giraffe has spots which are similar to that of a leopard and they have a camel-like shape. You can distinguish this herbivore by its incredibly long neck and legs. Habitat Giraffes are found around the African continent; from South Africa, to Chad, Nigeria and all the […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Southern Ground Hornbill The Southern Ground Hornbill is an endangered species and at Timbavati Safari Lodge they have put projects in place to protect this vulnerable species. The Southern Ground Hornbill is the largest species of the Hornbill family, it grows between 90 and 129 centimetres long. It […]

Selecting a wedding venue for your big day can be quite a harrowing task, and the choices out there are frankly overwhelming. Despite this, people often settle for the clichéd romance of a beach wedding where your guests will stand uncomfortably in the heat and sand, a garden reception where the rain might ruin your […]

Timbavati Private Game Reserve is situated in the Limpopo province between latitudes 24° 34’ S and 24° 03’ S, and longitudes 31° 03’ E and 31° 31’ E. It is cradled between the Kruger National Park on the East, the Klaserie and Umbabat Private Nature reserves to the north and Thornybush to the West. This […]