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The Big Five With Timbavati Safari lodge you will have the pleasure of going on safari tours of the world-renowned Kruger National Park, which boast a wide array of wildlife and breathtaking scenery.  And the Big five are among the vast array of animals that one could possibly see live. The Lion The term king […]

Places To Visit In And Around Timbavati Game Reserve With South Africa and the Kruger Park Game reserve so blessed with an abundance of amazing wildlife, you might forget that right under your nose are some of the most beautiful heritage sights and local towns that we have to offer. Timbavati and the Kruger Park […]

  If anyone was to catch me off guard and ask me about my ideal getaway, my answer will be simple. I would go on a Safari holiday and I wouldn’t think twice about it. A weekend getaway on an African safari will be a great experience because I will get to see the famous […]

  Going on an African safari is an exciting holiday choice for you and your family or partner. However, given the nature of such an adventure, it requires an amount of due diligence to perform before you can go on the holiday. Going on an African safari holiday is a great experience and you can […]

In most safari lodges they welcome wildlife photographers who are looking for that perfect shot. Photographers specialise in different things and they have the same passion which is taking the best picture and by using good picture quality cameras. Every photographer has a unique skill and they are able to capture the best moments whether […]

  When you go on a vacation all you think about is relaxation and getting to enjoy the beautiful adventures as well as views. A day in the bush at a beautiful lodge goes something like this, a pre-dawn awakening and a quick cup of coffee before heading off on a game drive or taking […]

  Going on a safari holiday in South Africa is a holiday of a lifetime because the wildlife film can never recreate the true-life experience. Imagine the beautiful memories that you will create when you go on a safari holiday. You can be within charging distance of a white rhino and purring distance of probably […]

In South Africa, micro-lighting is a visceral experience. The thought of being up above the ever-changing landscape can be scary but great at the same time. The wind in your hair and the land far beneath your feet. You can also learn how to become a microlight pilot while enjoying the benefits of the incredibly […]

  Our Safari Lodge is ideally located offering both local and international visitors an array of choices for adventures, activities and excursions into Kruger National Park and surrounding areas.   Timabavati Safari Lodge: Ndebele Rondevals Accomodation Timbavati Safari Lodge is nestled among glades of nature, indigenous trees, and is a paradise for nature lovers and […]

  Deciding on where to go on a vacation is not difficult because there are resources that can assist you with choosing the right vacation destination. However, when you are planning on going on a vacation whether it be alone or with your family you need to have enough funds for it and you need […]