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When you go on a vacation all you think about is relaxation and getting to enjoy the beautiful adventures as well as views. A day in the bush at a beautiful lodge goes something like this, a pre-dawn awakening and a quick cup of coffee before heading off on a game drive or taking a walk just to some fresh air. You can have an exquisite breakfast and relax while you are having breakfast.

The activities that are provided in safari lodges are amazing and you will cherish every single moment that you spend there. The best thing about the wildlife is that you go on a game drive and see all the beautiful animals and their habitat. Most people think that the wildlife is dangerous. Some of the stories are true but it is the best place to explore and to see how the animals live their life and how they survive. You do not have to go any closer to them with you will be travelling with wildlife experts.

Drinks are served on the game drive because the safari is very hot and it is important that you drink a lot of fluids to avoid being dehydrated. After the game drive, you can go back to the lodge to enjoy a great dish that is made out of love and just the way you like it. During the evening you can enjoy sundowners while you enjoy the beautiful wildlife views.

Remember to charge your phone or buy a camera so you can be able to take pictures of your stay at the lodge and take plenty of pictures of the beautiful safari and wildlife.

Timbavati Safari Lodge

At Timbavati Safari Lodge you can enjoy the beautiful wildlife and you will not regret your stay at the lodge because they provide the best service.

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