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Going on a safari holiday in South Africa is a holiday of a lifetime because the wildlife film can never recreate the true-life experience. Imagine the beautiful memories that you will create when you go on a safari holiday. You can be within charging distance of a white rhino and purring distance of probably the most beautiful animal that you have never seen.

A safari holiday does not have to be expensive and you can save up and also do research about the beautiful safari lodges in South Africa. If you are from a foreign country do not allow the media to influence you badly about Africa. Africa is a beautiful continent and it has beautiful safaris and the people are extremely friendly. South Africa is one of the countries in the beautiful African continent that offer some of the closest game viewings in Africa.  South also offers great accommodation, the hotels and lodges are beautiful and they provide great service to their guests.

South Africa has quite a lot of game reserves so might have a problem when you have to book because they all look amazing and they have great activities that you can participate in.  There are lodges that are close to the Kruger National and you can have a lot of fun. Most tourists come to safari lodges to see the big five. The Safaris in South Africa have the great history and you can learn a lot about it. The best thing about safari lodges is that you will get to enjoy the delicious traditional African cuisines the food is cooked to perfection and it has great African flavours.

Timbavati Safari Lodge

Timbavati Safari Lodge is a beautiful lodge that has great activities and you can see the beautiful safari views and cherish every single moment.

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