A giraffe is an unbelievably tall, African mammal. A giraffe has spots which are similar to that of a leopard and they have a camel-like shape. You can distinguish this herbivore by its incredibly long neck and legs.

A Tale Taller than a Giraffe


Giraffes are found around the African continent; from South Africa, to Chad, Nigeria and all the way to Somalia. Their preferred habitat is savannah, grasslands and open plains.



Giraffes are herbivores which means that they feed on plants. Their primary food source is Acacia leaves. Acacia leaves provide the animal with calcium and protein which is imperative for growth. Fun fact, they eat an average of 34 kilograms of foliage per day!


Appearance & Anatomy

Giraffes can grow from 4.3 to 5.7 metres tall and can weight up to 1, 192 kilograms. They can see in colour and have a sharp sense of smell and have good hearing. Their nostrils are extremely muscular for the sole purpose of protecting them against sandstorms and ants. The giraffe has a very distinct tongue which is purple in colour. Their tongues are used to grasp foliage, grooming and to help keep their noses clean.


The skin of the giraffe is a cluster of dark patches, separated by a light coat of hair. The coat helps to keep the mammal hidden from predators. Each individual giraffe has a pattern which is uniquely similar to a human’s finger print. The thickness of the skin allows the Giraffe to run through the bushes without the threat of harmful thorns. The giraffe’s long tail is used to defend them against insects.


How to Determine the Gender of a Giraffe.

You can distinguish between males and females by having a good look at their features. Males are taller, heavier, and darker in colour. Both sexes have horns on their heads, the horns are used in combat by the males.


Sleeping Patterns

These animals will sleep at night for approximately 4.6 hours. The giraffe usually sleeps laying down but have been known to sleep while standing too.



The female giraffe has multiple partners, the males will mate with all of the fertile females. The male will taste the urine of the female to detect fertility. The gestation period for a giraffe is 400-460 days once the gestation period is over, the female will give birth standing up.


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