Meaningful Ways to Soak Up South African Experiences

Whether you’re a visitor to South Africa or a resident of its sunny landscapes, South Africa’s safari scene is a popular way to soak up one of the most uniquely African experiences on the map.
But the wildlife is not the only thing that draws people to the various areas around the Kruger National Park; whether having spent enough time perusing its roads in search of sightings, or simply wanting another type of experience.
People come to Timbavati Safari Lodge for all types of reasons, with one or two of them having nothing to do with the Big 5. There are other ways of enjoying a safari besides by car or a bush walk, other sites to take in, and different experiences to be had.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them here:

Micro Light Flights & Hot Air Balloons

What better way to take in the African bushveld than to see it sprawling endlessly beneath you? Getting a bird’s eye-view of the park, its inhabitants, and wonders, is one of those experiences that cannot be beat.
While micro light flights might be limited to the more adventurous thrill-seekers, hot air balloon excursions offer a magical experience, that is far more relaxing, and gives you the space to pick out the sites below in comfort.

Boat Cruises

The Blyde River Canyon is an often-overlooked part of Mpumalanga, a 26-kilometre-long river canyon that competes with some off the largest found on Earth; being measured as the third-largest in the world.
Naturally it makes for the perfect boat cruise setting situated nearby Timbavati Safari Lodge and easily accessible by its guests.
Marvel at the Kadishi Tufa Waterfall and the abundance of fauna, flora, and birdlife in the area who are attracted by the life-giving waters of the river.

Horseback Safari & Bushwalks

For the equestrian enthusiasts in the crowd, horseback safaris give you one of the most accessible, enjoyable, and natural ways of taking in the landscape and animals that call the Kruger Park their home.
Bush trails on horseback give travellers a very different experience than game-drives. Staying alert, taking in the sites, sounds, and smells, is an experience greatly heightened on horseback.
If you’re more of the hiking-type and want to conquer the African landscape on foot, bush walks also offer an excellent experience if you’re fit enough.

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With so much to do in and around the Kruger National Park, there is always a good reason to visit us and make the most of your stay.
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