Step into an Eye-Opening Cultural Experience

Eye-Opening Cultural Experience

Step into a world of history and culture while on your next trip. At Timbavati Safari Lodge, we aim to make every single experience a remarkable one. 

As a culture-based operation, we have something special lined up for you. 

We have a question for you? Have you ever wondered just how life is and how the people of South Africa live?

If yes, we have a guided “Cultural Village Walk” which is an experience for you to gain an unclose and personal look at how many of the rural people in South Africa live to survive.

We boast with being in close proximity to our local Shangaan Village of “Sigagule” and trust us this is one unique place that we want all our guests to experience. 

We have created this experience for our guests to visit and engage with traditional people of the land. 

Our guests are allowed to take pictures with them, speak with them to understand their lives and for you to witness for yourself, traditional life, in a rural village. 

Let’s take a trip! 

This immersive guided tour will approximately take about 1 ½ – 2 hours, as you stroll through the village with a local guide. 

During this walk, the guide will share with you everything you need to know about the traditions and cultures of the people. You will also get to see places and landmarks of interest. 

The Perfect End

We finish off the walk with a visit to the “Sangoma” (Traditional healer), a family home and a local tavern and trading store before being escorted back to the lodge. 

Experience a different world with us, you deserve it. 

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Contact us to find out how you can incorporate this immersive and expansive experience into your next stay with us!

Alternatively, you can browse our website to find out more about joining this cultural experience.

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