The Best Times to Visit the Kruger National Park

Best Times to Visit the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is arguably an unforgettable experience at any point in the year, but each of these seasons gives a vastly different experience for those looking to take in its natural wonders.

For those with schedules that allow them more choice of when in the year they would like to visit, it is worth finding out when in the year the Park is most alive, when there is more to see, when the majesty of the African wilderness has so much more to offer.

So, to help you get the most out of it, we are not just going to tell you which times of year get you the best accommodation rates, because travelling off-peak periods won’t necessarily get you the best experience.

So, what will?

Coming for the Wildlife: The Dry Months

South African winters can be harsh and dry, which might not appeal to visitors at first, especially those travelling to the Kruger Park from abroad.

Forget those Hollywood images of lush jungle settings, they aren’t really native to the South African landscape, particularly around Hoedspruit.

But the dry Saharan landscape found in the months between June and August hold something magical in them in this part of the world; this is when South African wildlife is most abundant and active, and the dry vegetation makes viewings that much easier.

On top of this, this time of year has you plagued by fewer mosquitos and the sweltering heat is nowhere to be felt.

Still, temperatures are warm enough during the day to be comfortable, while dipping in the evening to set the scene for romantic evenings in the bushveld.

Visiting the Scenery: The Summer Rains


It may sound counterintuitive but not everybody who graces the Kruger National Park does so for game viewing. 

Summer trips, where the temperature rises drastically and the rains become a more constant feature, allow you to take in the wilderness of the park at its greenest, freshest, and most vibrant.

It is truly remarkable how from season to season the landscape around Hoedspruit can transform into something else entirely lush and vibrant.

Between the months of November and April the park comes to life, rivers swell, birdlife becomes abundant, and the park is often full of new life, fresh from spring, which can make for some unique and unforgettable sightings.

Of course, at this time of year, you may have to contend with crowds depending on where you stay, since this is the time that school and work holidays have people travelling. If you want to keep the experience private, consider booking a location with a bit more privacy, such as in a private reserve like Timbavati Safari Lodge.

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