Visiting the Kruger Park in Spring

Visiting The Kruger Park In Spring

For most wildlife enthusiasts, the passing winter is the best time to visit the park. The dry vegetation and the clear air make for better sightings and more comfort away from the heat of the summer months.

But South Africa is home to more than just winter and summer, our autumn and spring months also bring their own levels of charm, especially in our wildest areas like those of the Kruger Park.

So, if you’re considering visiting the reserve in the coming spring, here’s what you can expect to experience…

Moving out of Winter

Winter in the Kruger National Park can be demanding, even if it is the best time of year to view game, for the reasons mentioned above. The dry cold can make it a challenge for many types of visitors, however, due to the lack of rain, greenery, and warmth.

For those looking for accommodation near the Kruger National Park, this means finding a spot that accommodates everything you need to be comfortable. A cabin or glamping tent that provides enough in terms of warmth is important for the experience during these months.

But the slight discomfort of cold is worth it if you’re visiting for the animals.

Coming into Spring

Much of the winter magic is still retained in the months of August and September in the Kruger National Park. Wildlife is still active, especially in the crisp mornings and early evenings, both of which are great times to take game-drives in the refreshingly cool air.

The heat and humidity do rise during the day, however, which can cause some discomfort, but if you’re willing to go out in it there is a lush world of indigenous vegetation folding back into life. 

Vibrant yellow hues make a comeback at this time of year as the natural African beauty expresses itself against sprawling vistas in new, fragrant blossoms.

Mid-to-high temperatures also make game drives around watering holes a site to behold. Wildlife and birdlife are active and are still mostly visible through the waking vegetation.

As we go deeper into September, light rain showers become more frequent, and the greenery starts to take over. Bird calls fill the air, and the bush becomes alive. 

Where accommodation and comfort are concerned, this is one of the more comfortable times of the year. Temperatures rise, but not much past 28 degrees, finding that middling zone that is neither too cold nor uncomfortably hot.

Visit the Timbavati Safari Lodge this Spring

With Spring just around the corner, now is a good time to start looking for accommodation near the Kruger National Park for those looking for a comfortable and eventful stay at the Kruger National Park. If you would like to know more, be sure to visit the Timbavati Safari Lodge’s website for details.