Why Bush Function Venues Offer A Better Experience

Its never too early to start planning for your company’s end-of-year function, and like every year, the sheer choice between venue types can be a bit of a daunting choice to make.

What type of environment, and with which activities do you want to bring the year to a close for your team this year?

Well, we at Timbavati Safari Lodge recommend something a little different this time around. How about a year end function that is nestled in the heart of the African bushveld in Hoedspruit?

Complete with a myriad of activities, fine dining, and an open-air setting that inspires mystery, magic, and utter enjoyment, bush function venues offer a unique way to treat and build the team that still falls well within the company budget.

Activities & Team Building

Keeping teams busy and active is easy and fun at bush function venues thanks to a profound assortment of things to do and see.

The most obvious of these is game drives, which will be soaking up plenty of hours while keeping staff on the trail of adventure. Of course, these can be substituted for walks and hikes if your staff is up to the challenge.

Aside from that, our year end function venue offers scores of exciting activities to organise, including horseback safaris, boat cruises, hot air ballooning, paintball, and more, all of which can be requested by you when arranging packages.

Conference Facilities

Its not all about fun and games, debriefing the year, giving out awards, making announcements, and having group discussions are often an integral part of year-end functions, which means that conference facilities are something you will need to account for. Fortunately, we at Timbavati Safari Lodge provide for this.

Our conference facilities can cater for up to 80 guests and can provide you with an open-air gathering and conference point where your staff will be kept comfortable in a beautiful setting, fully kitted out with everything you need for a successful conference.

Entertainment & Dining

In the same token, our conference facilities offer everything you need where dining and entertainment are concerned.

Eat in an open-air African style boma as you enjoy delicacies from an assorted buffet or three-course meal.

Drinks, of course, are also available, which includes a large selection of wines. From there, you can spend the evening relaxing or taking part in more events as the night wears on before everyone is finally ready to settle in for the night.

Accommodating Teams

Speaking of which, the Timbavati Safari Lodge is likely a way off from your offices, so ensuring that your staff have a place to stay for the night or weekend might be a priority.

Nothing to worry about, we offer exceptional accommodation facilities that are perfect for the event.

We offer a range of ways to stay the night, from luxury bungalows with all their creature comforts, to glamping in a more natural setting.

We will make sure that everything is provided for, that your guests are warm and comfortable, and that everyone gets a sound and safe night’s rest, before either embarking the next day, or continuing the adventure with more activities.

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