Why Hot Air Ballooning Around the Kruger National Park is an Unforgettable Experience

Hot Air Ballooning Around the Kruger National Park

There are a thousand ways to enjoy an epic sunrise, and about as many ways to enjoy a safari. This is the time of day when the bush is alive with activity, crisp, clear, enrapturing. While morning game drives are an excellent way to wake up with the day, getting in the air to see the vista sprawling beneath you is a different experience altogether.

Have you ever considered enjoying a sunrise safari by hot air balloon? If not, you’re missing out on a captivating experience.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Hoedspruit

Anyone who has ever been on a hot air balloon trip can attest to an open and magical experience. Just you and a handful of others cruising the vista. Even in areas where the landscape is the only real view to take in, the experience is unforgettable. When you mix in an African bushveld that is teeming with life, things get a lot more impressive.

Here in Hoedspruit, hot air balloons are just one of many ways to engage with nature, but it is one of the most enjoyable ones… which is saying something, because safaris are an enjoyable experience in any form.

Hot air ballooning in Hoedspruit will see you and a tiny group of others enjoying a hot cup of coffee while the balloon is prepared for flight just before sunrise, perfectly timed to see the sun come up as you ascend into an open sky.

They cover a lot of ground too, lasting about an hour while travelling through vast stretches of the Kruger National Park.

They are hosted too, by highly experienced piolets, but piolets who are also proficient at reading the land, finding the best animal sightings, taking you over and too locations that not many people are fortunate enough to experience.

An Inclusive Experience

While the ride itself lasts about an hour, the entire experience is a lot more inclusive. 

From the pre-flight coffee with rising excitement, through to the entire flight, and even to drinks or a hearty breakfast once it is done, if you are fortunate enough to be set down near the Otter’s Den by the Blyde river.

It’s not just about the hot air balloon ride, its about the totality of the experience, with of course your time in the air being the highlight.

What to Prepare For

While a hot air balloon is generally a comfortable ride (with a bit of standing involved), you can make things more enjoyable by ensuring you are properly prepared for it.

While waiting for the balloon’s flight prep you will be waiting around in the early morning, so wearing something warm is a good idea.

However, once you’re up in the air, you will have surprisingly little contact with wind, and of course, a large bag of hot air will be over your heads, so at that point, you won’t be feeling the cold too much.

Remember too that they have limited space, some can hold a maximum of 12 people (including the piolet) while others can only hold a maximum of 5 people. So, if you want to go as a group, you will need to keep this in mind.

Another thing that you should prepare for is that there just isn’t enough space in the basket for seating, and if you want to get the best view you will be on your feet for the duration of the flight, so be prepared to stand for at least an hour.

Visit Timbavati Safari Lodge for Details

Looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy a safari at the Kruger National Park, why not take a balloon ride over it? Of course, you will be needing a place to stay and wind down after the trip, so be sure to book accommodation at the Timbavati Safari Lodge.

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