Why You Should Consider Taking A Trip To The Kruger National Park

Why You Should Visit The Kruger


Whether you’re an overseas traveller or a local, when you decide to embrace the Kruger Park you’re also embracing the beautiful warm climate.

If hot days next to the poolside is what you are after then the Kruger is the right place to sit back and relax, enjoying the sun and nature which South Africa’s top national park. Timbavati Safari Lodge will supply you with the best luxury holiday experience.

On the flip side, if travelling and exploring the serenity of the land is what you are looking for, the Kruger Park has this on offer as well.

The mix of heat from the sun and cool air flowing through the area is a nice blend for your holiday, although it is advised to bring a water bottle with you on your safaris.

The Size

With such a large area to cover in the Kruger Park, you will continuously find spaces to look at, finding new and interesting things to appreciate and take in.

Whether you’re staying in a safari lodge or not, the Kruger Park is a place where you might think you’ve covered it all, but there’s always something new to find.

The size of the park is what makes it so inviting as you can really take your time in exploring the place, coming home to Timbavati Safari Lodge when you’re ready to rest and relax.

Whether this is your first time or not, you can keep on coming back, with new adventures to be had each time.

Bird Watching

If bird watching is your passion, or simply a hobby, you will be able to see birds which you may never have seen before, all in their natural habitat.

The beauty of nature allows you to soak up the patterns and lives of the birds, as they soar high in the sky, sit in their trees and search for food.

If this is your first time waving birds, be ready to experience a variety of different types of bird species roaming in the area.

Buying yourself a bird guide would be your best bet in tracking which birds you are seeing in the Kruger Park.


If bird watching is not your cup of tea, then maybe the chance to see the wildlife in the area, including lions and Cape buffalo, two members of South Africa’s Big Five.

Timbavati Safari Lodge supplies you with the accommodation you need to rest and relax under the sun, while the Kruger Park offers you with the opportunity to see wildlife in their natural surroundings.

On top of this, with a safari lodge available, the next thing you should be looking to do is an actual safari itself.

Safaris are the best way to experience nature and animals in a safe and immersed way.

Walking Safaris

With options to do a driven or walking safari, you will be offered with two separate experiences.

Walking safaris takes you through the journey on specific paths with qualified guides alongside you, allowing you to go and see the animals of South Africa.

Much like driven safaris, the entire experience is made to be educational, promote awareness of animal cruelty and is safe.

Timbavati Safari Lodge will be able to point you to the right direction on where to find walk-in safari promotions, allowing you to simply go on the journey.

Walking safaris also provide a good form of exercise which is great in terms of being active while still enjoying the relaxation of your holiday.


With your safari lodge in South Africa sorted, you can focus all of your attention on soaking in your surroundings and what it means to be in a place where animals are roaming free, existing and living their lives.

The Kruger Park is home to a large array of different animals and species which is why it is such an attractive destination for locals and international guests alike.

Whether your plan is to go on safari or simply hire out your own safari lodge, you will web able to see the beauty of animals in the area as you step outside to go and relax by the pool.

The Aesthetic

The natural beauty, with the light hitting the land with different hues at different times of the day is what makes the Kruger Park an art piece.

With oranges, reds, yellows, pinks and purples radiating throughout the land, you will be able to see the delightfulness of the South African landscape.

Whether in the daytime or at night, the aesthetic of the Kruger is why Timbavati Safari Lodge decided to build their business in the area.

With breathtaking scenery that you won’t want to miss, be sure to get into contact with Timbavati Safari Lodge to book your accommodation today.

Once In A Lifetime

Before you experience the Kruger Park you might not resonate with the claim that space and its adventure is a once in a lifetime experience.

In some ways you may be right as you there are so many once in a lifetime moments you will experience in the Kruger, however, when you decide to go for the experience, you’ll understand why this statement was made.

A safari lodge is just one of the many ways to experience South Africa, providing you with a home base as you go on your journeys.

10 Reasons To Go On A Safari

The Animals

The main reason why people go on a safari is to see the animals on offer, in their natural habitat, with the Kruger Park giving you the foundation to experience the animal life the right way.

With large and small animals scattered around the area, you’re sure to find all of the species you’ve seen on your television screen.

Timbavati Safari Lodge is more than capable of giving you the space you need to chill out after you get back from your adventures.


When you look at how much you get out of a Kruger Park experience, with a safari lodge base, kitted out with your needs and wants for a quality holiday, the entire cost is actually so fair it may seem unbelievable.

Transportation is available from and to the Timbavati Safari Lodge, housing an amazing pool overlooking the Kruger Park wildlife, you will be able to witness the real deal of nature around you.

With safaris available at great prices, both on and off-season, with promotions running throughout the year, be prepared for an authentic safari experience.

Seeing The Wildlife

Besides being surrounded by animals, some which you may never have seen before, or even heard of before, you will be able to go on a journey and actually be face to face with them, with some cases even being where you can interact with them, at your own risk of course.

When you are a few inches away from a wild animal, your senses are taken over by the reality of what these creatures are, both dangerous and yet altogether majestic.

The safari lodge will not be the only astonishing thing you will be seeing, with large open landscape and amazing wildlife to enjoy.

Educational Opportunities

When you bring yourself to the Kruger Park, you are not only going to experience the tranquillity of the beautiful space, but you will also be enjoying the educational aspect of learning about South Africa’s fauna and flora.

You will not only learn interesting facts about the space, but you will also learn about why these animals are indigenous to the area, as well as their migrating and hunting patterns.

On top of this, the opportunity to learn about all of the wildlife and plant life in the area will allow you to appreciate the Kruger for what it is, including why those in the area work so hard to preserve it.

World Heritage Site

Those working and living in the Kruger, including Timbavati Safari Lodge, care a lot about the preservation of the land, as well as the conservation efforts in keeping the animals safe and protected from poachers and other types of danger.

Instead of capturing and caging the wildlife, the focus is more on monitoring the area, ensuring that species, both those which are endangered and those which are not, are able to live their lives as wild animals, in their area and with no threat of human poaching interference.

Alternative Holiday Travel

Instead of going to a five-star hotel, in a city, surrounded by other buildings overlooking the beach, one which you might not even visit, the Timbavati Safari Lodge and Kruger Park offers an alternative holiday experience for you and your significant others.

With the South African backdrop right on your feet, you will have a different kind of fun, something which differs from the normal type of vacation style, usually you, poolside and in an air-conditioned area at all times.

Whether you are local or international, and whether or not this is your first time in South Africa or not, taking a trip to a safari lodge in the Kruger gives you comfort and a chance to find yourself in one of the world’s most renowned national parks.

Photo Worthy

Yes, as much as we might not like to admit it, we as humans love taking photos, especially when we’re on holiday.

Some may find it awkward, while others may find it to be normal, regardless of this the fact that the Kruger Park provides you with the opportunity to take pictures regardless if it is night or day will enhance your experience even more.

The memories you can store from your trip will last a lifetime. Some pictures you take may even be able to turn into an artwork, which you can hang up in your home.

Enjoy South Africa At Its Core

There are a lot of ways to experience South African culture, be it through Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg, with some being more restaurant and festivals focused, while others are focused more on the nightlife and cultural education aspect.

Choosing to stay at a place such as Timbavati Safari Lodge in the Kruger, is a much more nature-based experience, being able to enjoy one of the richest sources of animals and vegetation that the world has to offer.

Support Conservation Efforts

When you decide to stay at Timbavati Safari Lodge, you are choosing to stay at a lodge which is focused on conservation efforts, with a sum of their profits going towards the protection of animals, with educational programmes being implemented.

Your holiday time is a way for safari lodges to also focus on the safety of the Kruger Park, where you are providing much-needed funding to their efforts.

Be sure to visit Timbavati Safari Lodge and see how you will be able to contribute in the efforts of the conservation of endangered and non-endangered animals.

Meeting New People

Finally, you will be able to explore the Kruger Park and South Africa in a way which helps you to meet new and interesting people from across the world.

Meeting new people and making new friends is always a great thing to do as everyone may be experiencing the same South African adventure for the first time.

Sharing your moments with others is an amazing way to get the full package from your holiday.

Another way to look at it is that you’re building relationships which may allow you to travel to other parts of the world, meeting up with your newly made friends.

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