The wonders of a safari lodge

For so many people, being in the bush can be rather addictive and we get withdrawal symptoms when it’s been too long since our last outing. We have a sense of wishing we could bottle the many magical moments we experience on a safari, so that we can revisit them as needed when we return to our normal lives. In the wild life of the bush we seem to be able to live more naturally, in the moment, immersed in whatever is or isn’t happening. Just like mindfulness, yoga and meditation, being more in the moment delivers great benefits for our minds, bodies and souls.

Living in the moment means that we’re genuinely disconnecting both literally, such as, not even connecting to the WiFi and figuratively, such as, from our everyday lives. We feel free from all our normal pressures and responsibilities. Relaxation comes naturally when put into an environment with nature. Because our days on a safari or at a lodge follow a more natural rhythm and we exist more in the moment, we function at a much slower pace. This adds to our sense of wellbeing and means that we have more time for the things and people most important to us.

Pausing to notice small details and finding joy in simple things, something we can’t or don’t always make space for in our frantic daily lives, is genuinely enriching and calming. It sounds rather obvious, but when on a safari or lodge we spend a lot more time outside than we do normally. In addition to, the benefits of breathing in lots of fresh air and absorbing some vitamin D, our souls are fed by being in much closer touch with our simpler, more primitive needs such as food, shelter, and warmth.

For most of us, the game lodge environment is also more multi-sensory than our normal lives. We engage and rely on our five senses much more than usual, especially when walking and sleeping in the bush. This is more stimulating and yet also more calming, and enhances over all wellbeing.

Being in the company of wild life game, even from the comfort and safety of a game viewer car, and in the hands of an expert guide, there is that slight element of danger, that tremor of vulnerability and sense of adventure that makes us feel more alive. Being closer to nature makes us more aware of our connection with animals, other people, our surroundings and the Earth.

Timbavati Safari Lodge provides an authentic experience: genuine, warm hospitality that molds to the guests; a holistic safari which encompasses geology, history, culture, astronomy and other aspects as well as wildlife.