Sunsets and Sunrises within the beauty of Wildlife


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What’s not to love about sunsets and rises, especially if it is within the views of wildlife? When the sunsets and rises the African bush comes to life. Sunrises show that a new day has started with new opportunities and beginnings. Sunsets show that another day has just past and that we are so blessed to see the transformation of limp branches turn into natural monuments.

Safari Sunrise

Sunrises are not always spectacular but it is definitely optimistic. Sunrises literally bring light to the world as well as the sense of hope as to what the new day has to offer. The enjoyments that a sunrise can bring to those who have the courage to get up early just to experience the scenery of the awaken sun are the ones who know the real beauty of the world. What makes this beauty even more spectacular is the wildlife.

Safari Sunset

Sunsets are almost always spectacular. They are so rich and lovely with the colours that shine out from it. There is no challenge in a sunset, walk up onto a hill or just look outside your window and you will see the immediate glory. There is always an entry to see the glory. Sunsets are super ordinary and absolutely breath taking.

Safari Wildlife

You are able to see the Big Five, maybe lucky enough to see them in your view of the sunset or the sunrise. The African Elephant is a very large herbivore. The African Elephant is difficult to spot because they are able to hide in tall grass despite their size. The Lion is a large carnivorous feline which is considered by many to be the best of the Big Five. The African Buffalo is a large horned bovid. Buffalos are considered to be the most dangerous of the Big Five. Rhinos are large and are able to reach one tonne or more in weight. Rhinos are listed as “critically endangered” by the IUCN Red List because they are poached by humans for their valuable horns. Please don’t kill our Rhinos! The Leopard is a large, carnivorous feline with either tawny fur with dark rosette-like markings, or black fur. Leopards are very difficult to spot as they have nocturnal feeding habits and secretive nature.


Safari Sunrise and Sunset Tours

Get great view of the sunset and sunrise as well as spotting any of the Big Five with our tours here at Timbavati Safari Lodge which is located outside of the Kruger National Park.  Visit our website or any of our social media pages for more information.

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