Why Bush Function Venues Offer A Better Experience

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A Few Different Ways To Enjoy A Safari

Getting out into the African wilderness is an experience enjoyed by many, both locally and for those that travel to South Africa with the express purpose of taking part in Big-5 Kruger Park safari tours and packages. But whether you’ve been on numerous game drives through the park or are looking for a more exciting… Continue Reading

Bush Wedding vs Beach Wedding

The South African scenery supplies to memorable outdoor weddings. If you are interested in waterside venues, then the coast provides endless options. For those who are looking for a uniquely African experience, there is no end of bush wedding venues on offer. In order to assist your decision whether a beach or bush wedding is… Continue Reading

Timbavati Safari Lodge. An interview with Kylie McGuirk.

Timbavati Safari Lodge does not disappoint. Combining native tradition with abundant comfort and making full use of the famous South African “one year summer” , the lodge, managed by Kylie McGuirk and her husband Ryan McGuirk, has become a destination of choice for the traveller seeking something memorable. The grand African elephant, cheeky hyenas and… Continue Reading

Different Types Of Safaris

South Africa has always been abundantly blessed with great destinations and tourist attractions making it one of the top travel destinations in the entire world. The Kruger park is one of the largest and most animal populated game reserves in Africa and is situated in the northern parts of South Africa. Timbavati safari lodge is… Continue Reading

Kruger Park And All It’s Glory

The Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s most beautiful destinations. Situated in the northern parts of South Africa, this Highveld based park contains vast amounts of rolling hills, dry grasslands, and long, lazy rivers all lit up by the beautiful African sky. With very few places in the world able to boast such… Continue Reading

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