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Kruger National Park Safari – Tours & Packages

Timbavati Safari Lodge is situated just 20 minutes away from the Kruger National Park’s Orpen gate which gives our guests immediate access to the central region of the park.

To make sure that our guests can take full advantage of the rare opportunity for guided game drives in Hoedspruit, we offer safari tours to one of South Africa’s most prestigious locations.

These game drives in Hoedspruit include full-day safari tours, as well as sunset and sunrise tours, depending on your preference and the type of wildlife experience you want to have.

Full-Day Kruger Park Safari Tour From Hoedspruit

The full-day safari tour will take you through a breathtaking range of vistas in the Kruger National Park, in pursuit of once in a lifetime encounter with South Africa’s most majestic creatures.

Accompanied by a qualified and experienced guide, our tours offer pulse-racing interactions with the Big 5 and a full assortment of Africa’s kingdoms, including smaller game, birdlife, insects, and trees.

The Kruger National Park is home to some of the most magical experiences in the world, and our full-day tour lets you experience them first-hand.

Sunset & Sunrise Safari Tours From Hoedspruit

Our sunset and sunrise game drives in Hoedspruit give you an experience of the African bushveld when it really starts to come to life. It is during these quiet, cooler hours that nocturnal animals are emboldened and active.

These are the magical hours in the bush when you are reminded of the life teeming around you.

Set off with us I the early mornings and mid-afternoons, deep into one of five private wildlife reserves, and come face to face with Africa’s most intriguing animals, the big cats, and other nocturnal predators who have inspired so much of South Africa’s culture.

Kruger National Park Safari - Game Drive
Kruger National Park Safari - Elephant
Kruger National Park Safari - Lion

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If you would like to know more about our game drives in Hoedspruit or would like to know more about our accommodation, be sure to get in contact with Timbavati Safari Lodge for details.