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If anyone was to catch me off guard and ask me about my ideal getaway, my answer will be simple. I would go on a Safari holiday and I wouldn’t think twice about it. A weekend getaway on an African safari will be a great experience because I will get to see the famous big five and experience the wildlife. Having to go on holiday requires a lot of research and money. You need to do research about the perfect getaway and be prepared to go there. African safaris are not that expensive unless you are from a different country.

In South Africa, there are quite a lot of safari lodges that provide game drives. The perfect safari holiday has to be with the people you love whether it be with your family or friends because you will create incredible memories together.  A South African safari is a place to unwind, recharge your battery and to soak in the utter tranquillity. Safari lodge provides different packages that you can enjoy. The activities will make you mini-weekend getaway worth your while. Going on a safari holiday will also help you learn a bit more about the African safari habitat and how the animals interact with one another.

South Africa is a home to numerous safaris which are also coined wildlife sanctuaries, game reserves as well as bushvelds. Most South Africans would say that “they are going to the bush” meaning they are going to see the wildlife. Being on a safari is a great experience and you will enjoy every single moment that you spend with your family or friends. It is really fun to spot the animals with binoculars and with a naked eye as well as take pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Timbavati Safari Lodge

Timbavati Safari Lodge has the best activates and adventure that you will enjoy.


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