Selecting a wedding venue for your big day can be quite a harrowing task, and the choices out there are frankly overwhelming. Despite this, people often settle for the clichéd romance of a beach wedding where your guests will stand uncomfortably in the heat and sand, a garden reception where the rain might ruin your day, or the absolute classic, in a chapel. Why not celebrate this auspicious day by doing something that is not only completely different and enjoyable, but also uniquely African as well. Make a private game lodge your venue where you can be surrounded by the majesty of nature as you take your eternal vows, in an atmosphere as magical as your love for each other.

The Ideal Rustic Wedding Venue
Get married in the African Bush
Each country has its own unique idea of what a fairy-tale landscape ought to look like, and for too long, we in South Africa have denied the beauty of our own country in following Western customs, especially as far as wedding venues are concerned. Yet there are few things in our beautiful land that reflect our sense of identity as well as the wild and mysterious bushveld. At Timbavati Safari Lodge you and your wedding guests will be treated to a five star service in the most beautiful surroundings, accompanied by the songs wild birds and the spectacle of our countries greatest treasure, its animals.
Accommodation for all of your guests
As a wedding venue, Timbavati may be a little out of the way for some of your guests, and even if it weren’t weddings and their receptions can get a little bit messy, to the point where you don’t want your beloved party driving home afterwards. Forget about those worries when you opt to have your wedding at Timbavati, where there is plenty of different kinds of accommodation on offer; from safari lodges to self-catering camps, Timbavati will make sure that all of your guests are safe and comfortable while spending the night sleeping in the tranquil African bush.
The White Lions of the Timbavati
Timbavati’s iconic feature comes in its housing and conservation of majestic white lions. First sited in the area in 1970, the white lions have been a point of much interest to locals and travellers alike, who have done in depth studies in their habitats, origins and conservation.
Share your wedding day with these special creatures when you have it at Timbavati Safari Lodge by getting into contact with them today. Take a look at their website for more information on their offers, drop them an email or give them a call.