Timbavati Safari Lodge is located in the Limpopo Province and is one of several Associated Private Game Reserves that makes up the Greater Kruger. In 1993 fences were removed to promote migration and ever since then the Greater Kruger has seen a proliferation of wildlife diversity that it hadn’t seen for many years before.

There are a variety of interesting attractions that make this a unique safari destination.

The Famous White Lions of Timbavati

In 1975, Lanice van den Heever, daughter of lion-researcher and conservationist Chris McBride spotted something that would soon make Timbavati world famous. Amongst the savannah grass she spotted a lioness with three cubs, but two of these cubs where unlike any either of them had seen before. The one was tawny (orange-brown) as usual, but the other two were as white as snow.

White Lions Of Timbavati

In Sangaan, Timbavati means, “the place where something sacred came down to earth from the heavens”. For McBride and his daughter they must have surely felt this grace the day they first spotted these phenomenal creatures. People come from all over the world to see them and today there is a pride of white lions prowling the Greater Kruger.

The white lions of Timbavati are not the only reason to visit the Greater Kruger. Not only do they boast this unique white lion but they also have the largest population of lion in Africa. One may also spot cheetah stalking large herds of Cape Buffalo, herds which can exceed hundreds in number.

Epic Safaris

Timbavati on foot safaris in kruger national park

It is easy enough to access the Kruger National park from the Greater Kruger with a day pass due to the fact that they are right next door to one another. A limited number of people are let into the Greater Kruger area and Timbavati which means that it remains pristine and not over crowded. A unique attraction one should not miss out on is the chance to take a safari walk. Knowledgeable guides lead groups through the bush on foot so they can see certain animals and birds up close and at a slower pace than they would by 4×4.

Where often Kruger National Park becomes quite overcrowded, the Greater Kruger offers a rather special take on the safari experience. Less people, more wildlife, that’s the basics of an adventurous journey a nature lover wants to go on. Timbavati is at the heart of what getting out into the wild is all about, with a growing diversity of wildlife protected from the human elements, and unique means of exploring and understanding, you won’t find a more immersive outdoor experience.

elephants playing in Kruger National Park