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In most safari lodges they welcome wildlife photographers who are looking for that perfect shot. Photographers specialise in different things and they have the same passion which is taking the best picture and by using good picture quality cameras. Every photographer has a unique skill and they are able to capture the best moments whether it be at a wedding or in the wildlife. Every picture that a photographer takes requires a certain skill.

Here are some tips for taking the great photos:

It is important to choose the right location because the background needs to capture all the beauty of the location. When taking pictures of animals, you need to choose the right park. Most parks that have wildlife animals have close to 350 species. Each of these animals has a unique habitat and photographers want to capture the beautiful moments. The keys are not to disturb the animals but to try and take beautiful pictures.

It is important that a photographer has the right gear. Taking wildlife shots means that you need to combine great autofocus and high frame rates with the reach of lenses with long focal lengths. Photographers are well equipped and they use different types of camera.  The Canon gear is popular amongst most photographers and it includes the fully professional 1 Dx camera body and a range of lenses that are of high quality.

It is important to use large lenses, but unfortunately, they are quite heavy but they can help you get the full action and movements of the animals. The camera needs to be kept stable and you need to rest your arms. You will also need stabilising equipment. Nature is unpredictable the difference between taking a snapshot and taking a great image lies not in the bush but in the editing software of the computer.


Timbavati Safari Lodge

At Timbavati Safari Lodge you can take as many pictures as you want and have beautiful memories of your safari vacation.


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