Biodiversity and the Importance of Game Reserves


Game reserves differ from national parks mainly in that they are privately owned. This often puts them in a better position to conduct preservation activities outside of the policy and budgetary restrictions of state run parks. This makes them some of the largest contributors to building a sustainable biodiversity; a stable ecosystem that can withstand the gradual decline of those natural parts of our planet that are too easily sacrificed in the march for human progress.

Protection from Further Harm

The primary focus of game reserves is to protect wildlife. This includes not only the animals under the charge of these reserves, but all life that contributes to the biodiversity of the area.

This includes insect life, where species need to be kept under control so as not to result in habitat destruction, while keeping populations high enough to contribute meaningfully to the food chain.

The same applies to indigenous plant life which is an important part of the food-chain. In this global village that we live in, exotic species of plants spread to areas where they should not be, challenging the survival of local plant-life, and these need to be controlled or eradicated accordingly top protect all local wildlife.


A large part of conservation efforts performed by national parks seeks to help wildlife recover from any damage that has already occurred to the ecosystem.

This may include the eradication of exotic species of plants, birds and animals as mentioned above to ensure that they pose no further threat to local species.

It also includes the controlled growth and control of animal and plant numbers to ensure future survival.

Rehabilitation may also include the geology itself, ensuring that the land is able to grow the necessary resources for keeping the ecosystem sustainable and healthy.

Contributing to the Wider Ecosystem

Game reserves also understand the wider impact of their efforts, and as such seek to contribute to a healthier ecosystem on a wider scale.

Much of these efforts may be concentrated on research that benefits natural habitats and improves the ways in which humans interact with the environment and the animals within that ecosystem, to form a more beneficial and sustainable bond.

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